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Prospector is top-rated buyer tool on eBay with the highest number of 5-star ratings!

Prospector played a crucial role in sourcing materials for a renovation project we carried out at West Moss-side Centre (near Stirling, Scotland, see www.westmossside.com). Practically all the items you see in the interior shot INCLUDING the staircase were found on eBay because of Prospector.

Steve R.

Version: 2.0.2056
For me, it's the greatest time saving app for eBay.
04-Sep-2005 11:38:20 AM
Reviewer: leakes

Pros: Quite simply, this product slashes the amount of time you spend searching for items on eBay. Especially useful if you buy items frequently. I now spend one hour a week searching for items instead of several! The main features I use are:

1) Being able to save complicated searches that have more functionality than native eBay (the main feature of this product).

2) Being able to hide items you looked at / considered in a search result (how often do you look at items you've already seen when you come back and do a search on another day on native eBay ?) . This saves more time than you imagine.

3) Frequently updated and kept in line with any changes on eBay

Cons: It's a small annoyance, but I wish it would display what category it found something in, in the results summary, so I could easily see items listed in the wrong category (hence bargains!)

Version: 3.1.2275
The best eBay program ever. Honest. Try it, you'll agree.
08-Apr-2006 08:43:31 PM
Reviewer: DrStan

Pros: eBay programs are a hobby of mine. I've owned over 60 since 1999. Some good. Some horrible. I've also Beta-tested 13 programs so far. Prospector Pro is simply the best eBay program available. It is lightning fast with truly complex Searches. I can filter and sort and search and remember and mask and filter and .....you get the idea. It is brilliant. Brilliant. If you ever search eBay, you owe it to yourself to purchase Prospector. It is genius in its interface. What used to take me 30 minutes now takes me exactly 16 seconds, because Prospector does all the work. Use it for a week, you'll wonder why you waited so long. 

Prospector raises the bar far higher than any other program. There are mimics, but nothing that does all that Prospector does. Trust me, I own all the others. But I don't use them. I use Prospector Pro.

Set up a list of 18 different extremely specific Items in 11 different categories all with different price ranges and sizes and ............. then click the "Update All" button. Count to 15. Get ready to see what "The best" means. Want to see only the items you haven't seen already? Prospector will do that for you. Only Buy It Now items? Yes. Only in a certain country? Yes. And so on.

Cons: I asked Cheng, the Author, for a "Uncheck All" Button so I do not have to manually uncheck every Item I am no longer interested in. (I watch a lot of items.)

Prospector Pro really does many different tasks; it is NOT a one trick pony. So you will need to spend 15 minutes with the Getting Started Demos, which are the best I've ever seen. Once you learn all that it does, be prepared to say "Wow".

Version: 2.1
We now have three licensed Prospector users in our office.
30-Dec-2005 11:25:25 AM
Reviewer: afblue

Pros: Super product support, this is an author with an open ear and they really stands behind this software. User friendly and intuitive interface gets you up and running quickly. It follows the Microsoft model, so if you use Word or Excel (and who doesn't) you will be pleased. Single and group bids are always accurately placed via an internet server and not from you desktop, so can bid while your computer is off. Searches are saved in a tree format and can be repeated and updated right from your desktop! Unlike eBay, placing items on your watch list is a breeze and with business like customizable views. You can even import your "My eBay" items!

For us Prospector is a valuable tool and this author is so confident that he produces a freeware version, so try it and then buy it, we need to support software providers like this one!

Cons: Sadly there is no exporting of the completed auctions in Prospector to Excel so that you can track cost or keep transaction history. It would be helpful if Prospector had a section that would manage auctions (IE, item received, item paid, seller's info). Perhaps in future versions?

Version: 2.1
Excellent program, and I have tried many, both free and paid.
26-Oct-2005 04:03:02 AM
Reviewer: hakoti

Pros: I tried this program and purchased the full version.

You define and save searches, and the program will periodically repeat the search and save the result for you. And you can capture eBay searches. When you return to your computer all items found will displayed in a very neat set of organized folders/tabs. All this is very customizable. From there you can tag and watch auction items, delete items, bid, etc.

The author does a good job of keeping the program up to date.

The Lite version of the program is free. If you spend time on eBay I recommend you give it a try.

Cons: Even though the Download web site shows the Lite version as "unlimited" that is misleading. As you would naturally expect the Lite version does not have all the features of the paid version. This is not really a disadvantage, just a normal way many software vendors distribute their products.

Version: 3.1.2275
Let's just say it has cost me a lot of money at EBAY! LOL
12-Jul-2006 02:43:36 PM
Reviewer: tso79

Pros: The only thing I would add is how absolutely responsive the support is. Very helpful, understanding, patient and determined to make a great product even better for us shop-a-holics and bargain hunters. They even incorporated one of my suggestions into an updated version!

Version: 3.1.2275
Time is Money
28-May-2006 06:55:50 AM
Reviewer: sjolson

Pros: This piece of software is a true time-saver. If you're spending hours searching through eBay listings each day, you're doing it all wrong! I've easily reduced my eBay search time to 10% of what it was and I consistently hit the items I want. No missing items because I mistyped a search term or forgot a search strategy, etc.

Try it out... you'll like it.

Version: 3.1.2275
the best ebay companion program :)
17-May-2006 10:01:55 AM
Reviewer: bootsybulgaria

Pros: Very handy user interface- it is really pleasure to work with. It is fast to get started. Shortcuts make the life easy for intensive users. Lots of opportunities to filter or constrict the field of search. The search is also pretty fast. Very nice possibility to run searches of separate groups. The eBay results site is integrated in the prospector. Searching on international markets is easy made. The best on the market at the moment

Cons: merging searching trees can be a pain sometimes. you should back up your information, cause sometimes it crashes. You aren't able to search for words within the body of the auctions.

Version: 3.1.2275
Great product for eBay buyers, possibly helpful for sellers!
08-May-2006 01:14:05 PM
Reviewer: tony_yoder

Pros: The search capabilities here are so much better than the fairly random searches that eBay can give you- if you want to really find a great deal and take as little time as possible, this is the tool to use. The ability to track what other members are bidding on is also kind of nice albeit not always the most useful tool to use as a buyer. Sellers may use this to find out what their customers are buying and bidding on, though. I find it is kind of nice to be able to quickly tell if someone is reselling any products of mine, and for how much.

Cons: It feels as though sometimes it is easy to use this only as a simple web browser. Also, although it is a nice looking program, some of the features and more complicated searches are not as intuitive as they could be.

Version: 2.1
Works great with international eBay sites too!
31-Jan-2006 01:14:21 PM
Reviewer: Todd_in_Germany

Pros: After trying three other auction searching and buying programs, I found Prospector. It stands head and shoulders above the others. I use it primarily for buying on eBay Germany, and it works like a dream. There's great flexibility in setting up your searches, so that you can refine the results to the Nth degree, and it even has an option to show you a preview photo for those items without a gallery photo, taken from the auction description itself - in other words, you can surf eBay VISUALLY with this program. While others are slogging through the chaff, you can soar above them getting the bird's eye view. After the internet and the iPod, this is the third greatest thing our civilization has produced.

Version: 2.1
Easy to use and work with
31-Oct-2005 10:00:00 AM
Reviewer: obsrving

Pros: It has a very intuitive interface, but not so simple that it does not allow for some complex search requests. The bids are accurate and done on time.

Cons: Unfortunately due to the use of .NET, it is a bit of a resource hog. Searches can take a while and system performance is greatly impacted if you have a number of complex arrangements running. Considering the interface it should be easy to setup the program from the web to keep up to date on bidding remotely, but this is not currently possible. Also I would also like the results to be in a database format, and not just html. Probably sounds worse than it is, these cons are minor in the long run as the program does exactly what it is supposed to do for me.


The person who will drool in delight about Prospector is the person who uses eBay a lot. It will really get your options organized in a tree-type fashion so that you can see at a glance what is going on. Take my word for it this is an eBayer's tool deluxe... Prospector is an essential tool for the serious eBayer.

"This is exactly the kind of tool I was looking for. I can now organize searches in a very efficient search tree - then track, hide, highlight, and comment each search result... Every serious eBay buyer should at least try it out. I'm certain they will love it as much as I do."

"One of the best auction software programs I know of... the best user interface and most complete set of search and watching tools... Very well organized and easy to learn with good on-line help and documentation."

"Must-have tool for eBay mania!"

"eBay software is a hobby of mine, and I have purchased over 40 programs in the 7 years since I first bought Cricket Sniper Jr. in December of 1997. Prospector is listed as a Searching Tool, but it does quite a bit more. You set up a list of items you are interested in, and Prospector finds them and keeps track of them. Setting up the program is simple. The interface is multi-pane, and fairly intuitive. There are so many hidden features it is definitely worthwhile to watch the Flash Help programs, which step you through setting up and using Prospector. Prospector raises the bar for eBay programs."

"I purchased Prospector a few days after downloading it and it has been the best decision I could have made... I can set up an unlimited number of searches and perform the search by pressing a single button; it will hide items already downloaded so you can focus on new items; searches can be filtered to display only the items that are of interest to you (for example, "Buy it Now" items)... give Prospector a chance and I'm sure you will be very satisfied with it."

"The search options provided by Prospector are far more powerful then what is offered on the eBay web site, allowing you to create highly targeted searches to find specific items of interest... A very nice auction tool that frequent eBay users will find extremely useful!"

"There are several eBay (buyer) tools out there, but none of them are as good as yours, as far as I have seen."

"I think Prospector has a ton of features to be so early in its development cycle, certainly worth every penny... I paid to use it."

"Your product is one of the best presented and feature-packed available."

"I have had a great time playing with your program... While the initial update takes a while the end result is better than searching sequential eBay pages because all the pages are downloaded by Prospector and flipping from one to another is very quick. Again, my hat is off to you... I would recommend it to anyone as it is now but I know that in your hands it will become a lean and mean machine that will be very difficult to match."

"I have to tell you I love it. It has saved me thousands and thousands of hours of searching that I can now do with one click."

"I wish you all the best and I will try to give you some remarks you might make use of to make the best product in its class even better!"

"... an absolutely fantastic tool! It has reduced the time I look for purchases by tenfold."

"I've tried almost every eBay tool I can find, and I can tell you with complete confidence that Prospector has come up with a tool that compliments eBay like butter does bread."

"Great product!... Your software is the best I've seen."

"I'm thoroughly impressed by your design & functionality. I'm very glad that I hooked up with you and your tool. Extremely useful."

"Prospector is the BEST!"

"A superior way to experience eBay."

"I love the product and have found many buried treasures using it."

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful program - I've been bidding on eBay for years, and this is really a godsend - finally, I don't have to repeat search, after search, after search. Great job!"

"Your program is worth its weight in gold to me... I am a power buyer and this program has changed the way I run my eBay business!"

"This is great... just don't tell my eBay competitors!"

Download the FREE Prospector Lite, or order a Prospector upgrade today!


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