Prospector's Search Tools

Quick Search Toolbar for short-term searches

The Quick Search Toolbar lets you make a variety of eBay searches with a single-click.

Search Tree for medium- and long-term searches

The Search Tree lets you save and organize all your eBay searches that you'd like to repeat on a regular basis. Save time with one-click replay and result customization. Searches can be as broad and deep as you like.

Easy repetition, complete, and consistent searching means no more hit-or-miss and better chances of finding your bargains and treasures.

Seven Search Types for Maximum Flexibility

You have a choice of searches that you can save into the Search Tree:

Search Type

Best used for

Standard Search Keyword searches, including seller- and store-restricted searches.
Store Search Searching Stores.
Product Id Search Searching by ISBN, UPC or EAN.
Seller Search Tracking of favorite sellers.
Bidder Search Tracking of favorite bidders.
Category Search Discovery of new items by category.
Captured Search Complex attribute, regional or international searches. You can set up a search on eBay with any settings, and save it for replay.


Post-Search Filtering

For all the search types, you can filter by price, bids, and time. You can specify keyword restrictions for the titles and even use advanced regular expressions. Searches can also be set up to auto-highlight results.

Latest Listings & Item Hiding

Prospector can show you just the items listed between your search updates, however frequently or infrequently that might be. You can scan the listings, pick out the items that interest you, and you'll never need to see the items you've passed over again.

If working this way doesn't suit you, Prospector allows you to hide items as an alternative. Items you've rejected and hidden will not be shown to you again.

Quick Search Toolbar Customizability

You can add your favorite site searches to the Quick Search toolbar for convenient access. For example, if you add searches to sites like Pricegrabber, About, Epinions, Half, Overstock and Yahoo, you'll be able to search all of them without retyping the search query. Do research and comparison-shop easily.

Auto Tracking

As you inspect eBay listings, Prospector automatically takes note of the sellers. This information is gathered to help you discover new items of interest. A simple but effective ranking is applied: the more items you've seen from a seller, the higher they rank. Prospector then provides links to view the sellers' other listings.

Extraordinary opportunities call for unordinary tools!

Discovering treasures and finding bargains is fun, and so is winning. From locating items to tracking and bidding, Prospector makes it easy!

Download the FREE Prospector Lite, or order a Prospector upgrade today!

* Privacy laws in some European countries do not allow eBay to pass on information involving bidders from those countries. Prospector respects these privacy laws and complies fully.

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